Why is AMC different

market research company

Insights Focused

Delivering value by addressing the business issue as opposed to delivering just data or information by integrating from multiple sources

Experienced Team

Combined experience of more than 20+ years delivering value to varied clients in different markets

Market Experience

With a mix of local and global experience we bring in better understanding of the market and strong research models

Best Quality

Transferring knowledge to our clients: knowledge sharing through multiple case studies i.e. benchmarking, global reports, monitoring of new products launched

Product portfolio we confidently deliver

A Simple Explanation of What AMC Marketing Consultancy Team Can Do For You


Conducts market researches with the highest standards, deliver insights and recommendation to address business issues


Helps clients in turning around their loss incuring businesses into growth engines and profit centers


Experienced marketing consultants capable of making a difference to your business and outcomes


Formulates robust business development strategy specifically designed to meet growth requirements

Marketing Strategy0%

Brand Strategy0%

Data collection via Artificial Intelligence0%

We help young companies expand business
into new territories

Our professional consultants can be of great assistance to entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their businesses and technological companies’ because they may be unsure of customer understanding and market demands. We will help you with setting effective goals and achieving those goals with an excellent plan.