Value Creation

Why Is Hiring A Data Driven Consultancy Worth The Investment?

Our plan focuses on providing a practical approach, business value and foresight to manage your business. Successful companies are data driven. Arriving at insights could be via multiple methods and our consulting service provide several platforms.

Our consultants analyze the clients’ data, sift through the social media via text analytics, strategic research studies and with our agile market place we can conduct shorter surveys for making the right decisions.

Market Research Expertise Of Best Market Research Company in Saudi Arabia

Businesses nowadays expect faster, actionable insights. We have our expertise on Customer Experience, Branding Studies, Brand Health Tracker, and Marketing Profiling/sizing studies. Building these capabilities enables businesses to deliver better insights faster and at a lower cost.

AMC Insights end-to-end market research services help businesses compete more effectively by providing greater customer insights. Our Market research expertise, different interaction formats, and data security enable organisations to exceed business goals with the speed, scale, and certainty they require.

Our experience spans sectors and domains. To get much greater results, we form multidisciplinary teams comprised of consulting, problem-solving, statistical methodologies, and technical knowledge.

Market Research Methodology 

Some researchers take a hard line with data, either agreeing with the figures (quantitative data) or with one of the focus groups and individual consumer comments (qualitative data).

However, the most valuable insights come from a dual approach to research, one that seeks both statistically significant findings to define our product’s market position as well as a deep understanding of how our product fits into the life of a specific consumer.

AMC Arabia strives to perform a paired approach to market research as the top market research company in Saudi Arabia.

Offers a full range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies through their in-house methodology and domain experts. We use qualitative or quantitative methodologies independently or jointly depending on the need of the project. Having in-house resources for both methodologies gives us an advantage in integrating research findings involving multiple methodologies.



Customer Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy as a service provides businesses with reliable access to highly advanced marketing knowledge.